Digital Forensic Training


Vehicle Forensics & iVe Certification

Cellebrite Drone Data Analysis (CDDA) Course

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference (San Antonio)

2nd Annual Cellebrite Americas User Forum

Paraben Forensic Innovations Conference

Part 107 Test Prep: Dart Drones

Drone Pilot Training: Dart Drones

Scientific Working Group on Digital Forensics/SWGDE (New Brunswick)

Complete Forensic Video Acquisition and Processing

Forensic Explorer Certified Examiner Certification Class

Python for Advanced Mobile Forensic Analysis

Scientific Working Group on Digital Forensics/SWGDE (Houston)



DVR Examiner User Certification

Preparing for Lab Accreditation

Scientific Working Group on Digital Forensics/SWGDE (UCLA)

GeoTime Call Detail Records Processing Training

Real Time Cell Phone Investigations

OCDLA / CACJ Criminal Justice Seminar



OCDLA / CACJ Criminal Justice Seminar

Enfuse Conference 2016



SANS FOR585:Advanced Smartphone Forensics

CEIC Conference 2015

Cell Data and Mapping-Police Technical @ WSIN

GetData Forensics: Forensic Explorer Examiner



Mobile Forensics World 2014

SANS FOR518: Mac Forensic Analysis

Vehicle Forensics & iVe Certification

SANS FOR408: Windows Forensic Analysis

BlackLight Tool Training (Mac OSX/iOS)

Cellebrite Mobile Device Examiner (CCLO/CCPA) Course

GPS Forensics

2014 PICA Annual Education Conference


2012 - 2013

Cell Call Detail Record Analysis & Cell Tower Mapping

Cellebrite Advanced Smart Phone Extraction

Open Source Intelligence Training

Cellebrite Logical and Physical Cell Phone Extraction



Graduate Class Forensic Science & the Courtroom

Graduate Class Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation

Graduate Class Hacking Countermeasures & Techniques

Graduate Class Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics

Graduate Class Issues in Criminal Law, Procedure, Justice

Graduate Class Ethical Hacking Techniques


2009 - 2010

Graduate Class Computer Forensics

Information Systems Security Review Training

Graduate Class Network Forensics

GSI/Encase: Computer Forensics 1

GSI/Encase: Advanced Computer Forensics

GSI/Encase: Network Intrusion Investigations

GSI/Encase: Field Intelligence Network Forensics

GSI/Encase: Computer Forensics 2

GSI/Encase: Advanced Internet Examinations

GSI/Encase: EnScript Programming

GSI/Encase: EnCE Prep