Master: Criminal Justice spc Digital Forensics

DeSales University

GPA 4.0:  Top of Class

ΑΦΣ National Criminal Justice Honors


Bachelor's of Science: Physics

Allegheny College



FAA Part 107 Licensed sUAS Pilot (2018)

Cellebrite Drone Data Analysis (2018)

 An advanced level program designed to teach how to recover, analyze and generate reports based on data obtained from unmanned aircraft systems. 

DVR Examiner Certified User (2017, 2018)

 The DVR Examiner User Certification certifies its graduates on how to use DVR Examiner software for the forensic recovery of DVR data. 

X1 Social Discovery (2017)

 Social media evidence is highly relevant to most legal disputes and broadly discoverable, but some challenges lie in evidentiary authentication without best practices technology and processes which X1 helps provide.

SANS Institute GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner - GCFE (2015)

GCFE holders  have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to acquire and examine evidence from digital systems to find and recover known essential artifacts to prove or disprove a fact in order that could be used internally or in civil/criminal litigation. 

Certified Forensic Explorer Examiner (2015, 2018)

Forensic Explorer is a tool for the preservation & analysis of electronic evidence by law enforcement, government, military and corporate investigations agencies.

iVe Vehicle Forensics Certification (2014,2018)

The Vehicle Forensics & iVe Certification provides that a certified investigator has the necessary skills to acquire and analyze data from OEM-installed infotainment and telematics systems, and prepare the investigator to qualify as an expert witness and testify in court.

Certified BlackLight Examiner (2014)

 BlackLight™ was developed by leading Mac and iOS forensic analysts as a comprehensive forensic software tool to help investigators conduct digital forensic investigations on Mac OS X computers, iPhones and iPads.   

Blackthorn / GPS Certification (2014)

Blackthorn is the leading GPS forensics tool used by forensic examiners and investigators for acquiring, examining and analyzing data from aviation, maritime, portable automotive, and handheld GPS devices.

Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst - CCPA (2014,2016,2018)

Mobile Phone Seizure Certification - MPSC (2013)

Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator - CCLO (2014,2016,2018)

Certified Cellebrite Advanced Smart Phone Forensic Investigator (2013)

EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH (2012)

Certified Cellebrite Mobile Phone Forensic Investigator (2012)

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator - CHFI (2011)

CompTIA Security+ Certification (2010)

Certified Information Systems Security Professional - CISSP (2010)

Certified Computer Examiner - CCE (2010)

EnCase Certified Examiner - EnCE (2009)