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Forensic Related Training  ---  FBI / Infragard Training  ---  Continuing Education / Short Seminars (2012-2015)

Forensic Related Training
GSI/Encase: Computer Forensics 1 2009      32 hours
GSI/Encase: Computer Forensics 2 2009 32 hours
GSI/Encase: Advanced Computer Forensics 2009 32 hours
GSI/Encase: Advanced Internet Examinations 2009 32 hours
GSI/Encase: Network Intrusion Investigations 2009 32 hours
GSI/Encase: EnScript Programming 2009 32 hours
GSI/Encase: Field Intelligence Network Forensics 2009 32 hours
GSI/Encase: EnCE Prep 2009 24 hours
Information Systems Security Review Training 2010 70 hours
Master’s Degree Computer Forensics 2010 18 weeks
Master’s Degree Network Forensics 2010 12 weeks
Master’s Degree Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics 2011 12 weeks
Master’s Degree Forensic Science & the Courtroom 2011 12 weeks
Master’s Degree Issues in Criminal Law / Procedure / Justice      2011 24 weeks
Master’s Degree Computer Hacking Forensic Investigations 2011 12 weeks
Master’s Degree Ethical Hacking Techniques 2011 12 weeks
Master’s Degree Hacking Countermeasures and Techniques 2011 12 weeks
Master’s Degree IT Network Security 2012 12 weeks
Master’s Degree IT Vulnerability Assessment 2012 12 weeks
Open Source Intelligence Training 2012 8 hours
Cellebrite Logical and Physical Cell Phone Extraction 2012 40 hours
Cellebrite Advanced Smart Phone Extraction 2013 32 hours
Cellular Call Detail Record Analysis and Cell Tower Mapping 2013 16 hours
Mobile Forensics World 2014 2014 36 hours
BlackLight Tool Training (Mac OSX/iOS) 2014 16 hours
SANS FOR518: Mac Forensic Analysis 2014 36 hours
Cellebrite Mobile Device Examiner (CCLO/CCPA) Course 2014 40 hours
Vehicle Forensics & iVe Certification 2014 24 hours
GPS Forensics 2014 24 hours
SANS FOR408: Windows Forensic Analysis (Refresher) 2014 36 hours
2014 PICA Annual Education Conference 2014 16 hours
Cell Phone Data and Mapping (Irvine PD / SCCIAA) 2015 16 hours
SANS FOR585:Advanced Smartphone Forensics 2015 36 hours
CEIC Conference 2015 2015 20 hours

FBI / Infragard Training

FBI Citizens Academy: Class of 2011
FBI Joint Regional Intelligence Center Liaison Officer Training
FBI/Naval Postgraduate School - Center for Asymmetric Warfare Cyber Attack & Security Exercise
FBI/Orange County Sheriff’s – Passive Interview & Deception Detection
FBI Joint Regional Intelligence Center – Pre Incident Indicators

Continuing Education / Short Seminars (2012-2015)

Licensed Investigators Training and Enrichment Program / CALI
Examining GPS Devices Using EnCase / Guidance Software Inc.
Live Memory Forensics / High Technology Crime Investigation Association
File Recovery using Hash Block Map Analysis / Guidance Software Inc.
EnCase v7 Evidence Processor / Guidance Software Inc.
Protecting Your Assets in a Virtual Culture / FBI / University of Southern California
Security for Critical Infrastructure and Other Federated Systems / Dr. B. Clifford / USC
Understanding Assets and the Virtual Culture / Dr. Blaine Burnham / USC
Carpe Datum… Seize the Data: Computer Forensics Evidence / Rick Albee
Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses / Traci Owens
Investigating Crime Labs / Jennifer Friedman
Using Technology in the Courtroom / Cris Arguedas & Chris Ritter
Effective Use of Data Forensics / Aaron Hughes
NAS & the State of Scientific Evidence / Professor Edward Imwinkelried
Using Online Technology in Your Investigation / William Gallagher
Analyzing Audio & Video Evidence / James Griffin
Finding, Funding, and Using an Expert / Steve Benjamin
Case Study: State v Fausto: Bias & Uncertainty in the Quest for Justice / Ted Vosk
Investigating the Government’s Forensic Investigation / Dr. Federic Whitehurst
Cellular Phone Evidence: Data Extraction & Documentation / Det. Cindy Murphy
Collection and Analysis of RAM / Michael Webber / BitSec Global Forensics
Decoding Windows Prefetch / James Habben / Guidance Software Inc.
Corporate Investigations / Jimmy Doyle / VP, Corporate Investigations, Prudential
Email Investigations with EnCase v7 / Manfred Hatzesberger / Guidance Software Inc.
Big Brother Forensics / Chad Tilbury / SANS Computer Forensics & e-Discovery
The Attorney / Private Investigator Relationship / David Queen, Esq.
Cellular Forensics: People, Rumors, and the Actual Facts / Kevin Ripa
Computer Forensics: A Criminal Defense Perspective / Kevin Ripa
Pre-Trial Hearings & Discovery to set the stage for Persuasive Use of Experts
Evaluating and Challenging Forensic Identification Evidence / Professor Michael Saks
Crossing the State’s Expert: Reasonable Doubt with a Well-Crafted Cross
Ares and Lime Pro Peer to Peer File Sharing Software Analysis
Windows ShellBag Forensics in Depth
Ubiquity Forensics – Your iCloud and You
The Battle for iCloud: Over-the-Air Forensics vs. Apple’s Two-Factor Authentication
Trademark Infringement and Piracy / Kris Buckner
The Lessons of Science: What Lawyers and Judges need to know / Alan Gold
Using the Web to Investigate Government Experts / Richard Demarest, JD
Going Behind the Lab Report & into the Lab: What Labs Don’t Want You to Know
Windows 8 Forensic Artifacts / Guidance Software Inc.
Forensic Audio & Video Enhancement / Doug Carner
The Scientific Method: Defending Your Case with Superior Science / Andrea Roth
Comprehensive & Comprehensible Discovery for a Scientific Defense / Lauri Traub
Choosing Your Expert, Understanding the Government’s / Christine Funk
Internet & Mobile Forensics with Internet Evidence Finder / Jad Saliba
Dealing With Persistent Smartphone Forensic Challenges / Ronen Engler / Cellebrite
Vehicle Infotainment Systems and the Data They Store / Ben LeMere
Preparing to Testify About Mobile Evidence in Court / Buddy Tidwell
Admissibility: Getting Defense Science to the Jury / Judge Roderick Kennedy
The Ethics of Dealing with Experts / Marty Pinales & Scott Bresler
Cognitive Bias / William C. Thomp;son
Preparing Your Jury for Science: Voir Dire and the New ABA Standards / Lisa Wayne
Protecting Proprietary Information / Raytheon Company
Export Controls: Military Products (ITAR) / Raytheon Company
Mac Essentials and the HFS+ File System / Sarah Edwards / SANS Institute
OSX User, System, and Local Domain File Analysis / Sarah Edwards / SANS Institute
OSX Advanced Analysis Topics / Hal Pomeranz / SANS Institute
iOS Forensics / Domenica Crognale / SANS Institute
Windows Digital Forensics and Advanced Data Triage
Registry and USB Device Analysis
Email Forensics
Windows Artifact and Log File Analysis
Web Browser Forensics
Advanced Skip Tracing Tools
Legal and Technology Developments
Audio / Video Enhancement Workshop
Anti-Anti-Forensics in Action / SANS Institute
Filesystem Journaling Forensics
Intellectual Property Theft: Tracking the Bits and Bytes
The Design and Characteristics of Location Reporting Technologies